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Keystone Financial is happy to announce that it has been chosen by the Ontario Pension Board as a trusted partner. This new parnership will allow Keystone Financial to provide investment guidance for the Public Service Pension Plan and maintain the Plans overall health. Keystone Financial will also provide advisory services to OPB members in an effort to provide the members with more control over their individual plans. Keystone Financial looks forward to working with OPB and its members.

About Ontario Pension Board

OPB is a statutory corporation responsible for the administration of the Public Service Pension Plan (the "Plan" or the "PSPP"), and for the prudent investment of assets that fund the benefits provided unser the Plan. The PSPP is a statutory defind benefit (DB) pension plan sponsored by the Government of Ontario (the "Plan Sponosor") and established under the Public Service Pension Act ("PSPA"). The Plan has assets of approximately $14 billion. Its membership is made up of eligible employees of the Ontario government and its Angencies, Boards, Commissions and Public Bodies. There are approximately 78,000 members and pensioners in the Plan. The PSPP is one of Canada's oldest pension plans, dating back to the 1920s and has been delivering the pension promise to its members successfully for almost 100 years.

About Keystone Financial Advisors Ltd

Keystone Financial Advisors Ltd. is a Toronto, Canada based risk adjusted return investment manager founded in 2010. With a team of 15 professionals, Keystone Financial combines intensive research driven stock selection with a disciplined and robust risk management program. Keystone manages assets across various equity long short strategies including hedged income, market neutral and a concentrated best ideas portfolio. Founders and employees collectively represent 7% of the firm's assets under management with high-net-worth individuals, family offices, foundations, endowments, and public and private pension funds representing the balance of firm assets. Keystone Financial Advisors Ltd. is a registered Portfolio Manager, Investment Fund Manager and Exempt Market Dealer with the Ontario Securities Commission.